Nov. 04, 2017

The total revenue break 207 million! Xtep Tmall official flagship store creates "extraordinary" year-on-year growth on Double Eleven ,which is second to none!

UsingOnline-Merge-Offline to create miraculous growth

It’s no coincidence that Xtep achieved "extraordinary" results during this double-11 period. Mr. Ding Shuibo, chairman of the board of directors of Xtep and CEO, said that through Online-Merge-Offline and three aspects of staff, goods and field, Xtep made customer flow, commodity and customer shopping experience greatly improved so that it could win the marketing campaign.


Mr.Ding together with senior leaders of Xtep goes to cheer up e-commerce.

Fresh and new marketing means, brought a surge of store passenger flow. "Xtep League of Legends" for all-star sports and entertainment was set up to Interactive with online games. 11 live shows of all-Star celebrities on the Internet and the using of limited edition VR glasses both stirred up the fans' nerves. At the same time during the pre-sale period, the off-line activities of Xtep lay a good foundation for the drainage of flagship stores. the AR scan shopping mixed virtual and actual reality and brought consumers a new shopping experience.


Xtep's "Storming The Streets"

Firstly, in terms of commodities, Xtep has made a lot of preparations in the early stage. Relying on big data's analysis, it broadened the width and depth of goods, and then used the various technology to provide consumers with more satisfied choices. Secondly, a large number of star products of the same type are also the new highlight of the double 11. Finally, all-channel O2O participation together with the Online-Merge-Offline’s inventory and logistics, successfully supported the efficient operation of goods, so it could let consumers get the goods immediately, which greatly improved the shopping experience.


Star spokesperson interacts with fans in Tmall's Xtep studio


Xtep online and offline layout


Xtep efficient Logistics system


Xtep15 anniversary π series

Finally, in this year's pre-sale, preheating and detonating period, Xtep adds more discounts to consumers such as multiple expansion of deposit, star gift and gain discount coupon by playing games. As you can see, through marketing, commodities, consumer experience and other aspects of hardworking, Xtep created the miracle growth.


The massive Welfare of Xtep Tmall's official flagship Store

With perfect ending on double 11 ,Xtep will create glory again in 2018!


Xtep's marketing performance in 2017 came from both consumer support and affection, and a perfect transcript was from Xtep's insistence on a "fashion movement" strategy. In this campaign, Xtep fully demonstrated the marketing innovation in the new media era, the deep accumulation of product power, and the strategic victory of the brand separated by the same kind. In the future, Xtep will not only maintain marketing advantages, deep plough product innovation, bring a fresh impact on the market, but also offer more worthy products and create an extraordinary feeling! Xtep will create glory again in 2018!