Oct. 23, 2017

Xtep’s “Storming The Streets” Street Sports Event in Changsha

On 21st-22st October, Xtep’s “Storming The Streets” in Changsha, The IP United Union of China Street events, has taken place in Huangxing Square which is one of China's most popular business centers. It’s aimed at creating an independent IP,  spreading  the idea of Xtep’s movement to the society and the young and occupying the young consumers' market by selecting the X-sports, street soccer and basketball. In the course of this event, Xtep has signed with Asian Roller-skating Federation and sponsored football matchLong Hu Dou in iron cage. With the cooperation of 1v1 basketball game, Xtep also invited the ZERO-G to perform.

Xtep signs with the Asian Roller-skating Federation

Xtep has declared itself an official partner of the Asian Roller-skating Federation, the signing ceremony was attended by Huang Qiang, the secretary-general of the Asian Roller-skating Federation and Li Tong, the chief executive officer of the Xtep Group. At present, skateboarding has just entered the Olympic Games and bilateral cooperation will promote the this campaign throughout Asia.

Xtep cooperates with the Asian Roller-skating Federation

After the signing, the Asian skateboarding elites from China, Vietnam and other places showed up on the playground. The electors would need to compete three special cases including street competition, mini ramp and unique skill competition. During the event, Xtep also set up an adult group and a children group for attracting beginners to join the program and making more people become spreaders of skateboarding activities.

Skateboarders show skills in the field

Chinese star football team interacts with Long Hu Dou

This time, Xtep’s “Storming The Streets” has built a iron cage for football lovers and named it as Long Hu Dou. Xtep also invited Gao Feng for the adult group and and Alfa for children group for organizing the team to send blessings. Xtep also strongly supported the young electors to compete and show their real power.

Pop star plays soccer with the young winners

1v1 basketball competition gains wow

The rat race and excellent hosting lighted the passion, especially when it comes to distributing the Xtep’s gifts.

Fierce match is on

the great show of ZERO-G rocks the house

After the event, there was still a wonderful evening performance. In addition to hip-hop dancing and fancy ball shows, the sexy DJ lighted up the passion. The song NO RULES showed
by ZERO-G was wonderful.