Mar. 29, 2018

Xtep2018 marketing conference and the Ninth Golden Finger Award Ceremony were held successfully!

Xtep2018 marketing conference and 9th Golden Finger Award Ceremony


On March 28, the Xtep2018 Marketing Conference and the Ninth Golden finger Award Awards were held in Xiamen Convention and Exhibition Center. Mr. Ding Shuibo together with all leading guests attended the ceremony.


Mr.Ding delivered a speech


At the award scene, the Xtep Group awarded the Golden finger Award, which symbolizes the highest honor of Xtep, to the advanced collectives and individuals in 2017, and has awarded 15 awards, such as Best Sales Award, Top Ten Store Award, Outstanding Running Tour Award, Top Ten Retailer Award, Best Channel Construction Award, and so on.

▲ TopTenStoreAwards


▲ Outstanding Running Tour Award


Top 10 Supervisor Award



Excellent Retailer Award


Top 10 retailer Award


Best Retail Progress Award


Best Commodity Management Award


Best Channel Construction Award


Best Factory Shop Expansion Award


Best inventory Management Award


Best IT System Propulsion Award


Best Financial Contribution Award

Best Market Fighter Award

Best Selling Award NO.10 / 9 / 8 / 7

Best Selling Award NO.6 / 5 / 4


Best Selling Award NO.3/2/1


This year's Golden finger Awards ceremony was not only a summary of Xtep's 2017 sales results, but also a recognition and commendation of outstanding collectives and individuals in various branches. It also pointed out the direction to enhance troop morale in 2018.


Exciting Live Program of Marketing Conference

Three-year reform and staff’s effort let us achieve the results now.  Every step of success can not be separated from the trust and support of each branch. The rapid development of domestic economy has brought more opportunities to the sports industry. In this good era, we should seize the opportunity, see the direction clearly, practice our internal skills, be brave enough to adhere to the trend, remain focused and work hard to win the six major campaigns. In 2018, we fought together with greater confidence and determination to create a new peak of Xtep, win-win new era of Xtep!