Aug. 11, 2023

Xtep “160X 3.0 PRO” championship running shoes helped runners win Marathon

On 9th July, the 2023 Hohhot Marathon made a grand comeback after a three-year absence. Assisted by the “160X 3.0 PRO” running shoe, the fierce competition ended with Xtep’ssponsored athlete Yang Dinghong winning a championship in men’s marathon with a recordbreaking time of 2:19:46. Champions of men's and women's marathons and half-marathons all wore Xtep championship running shoes “160X 3.0 PRO”. The running shoes series has helpedrunners challenge their limits and set new records, bringing honor to Chinese running shoesagain.

Xtep Running Club in Beijing Olympic Forest Park all freshened up and opened for business.The Xtep Running Club in Beijing Olympic Forest Park has been renovated after seven years in operation and reopened on 2nd July. As Xtep’s first running club in Mainland China, it will continue to serve running enthusiasts in Beijing Olympic Forest Park and from all over Beijing, creating a comprehensive and professional one-stop "Runner's Home“ for runners, enhancing Xtep’s well-established running ecosystem.