Aug. 12, 2021

Xtep Appoints Celebrity Dilraba as Brand Spokesperson, To Tap Huge Opportunities from the "China Chic"

August 12, 2021, Hong Kong News - Leading PRC-based professional sportswear enterprise Xtep International Holdings Limited (The “Company”, together with its subsidiary “Group”) (stock code: 1368.HK) has appointed the top actress Dilraba as its brand spokesperson.

Dilraba is one of the hottest new generation young artists. She keeps a relatively low profile and is down-toearth, making her an idol with positive energy, fitting in perfectly with the creative, focused and persevering qualities of the Generation Z coined by Xtep, projecting a positive role model for her young fans. In the world of fashion, Dilraba also enjoys good word-of-mouth, able to carry with ease different trendy styles. Hence, whether it is her resonating with young people in spirit or having the asset of an ever-changing stylish image, or her excellent industry reputation and commercial value, Dilraba is an excellent choice of Xtep brand spokesperson.

In the past year, there has been drastic changes in the China sports market. New cutting-edge designs and distinctive styles have emerged. The Generation Z has a strong sense of national pride, making the rising national tide unstoppable. Chinese brands with massive consumer patronages and standing for positive sports and energy are setting the direction of the endorsement market and, to an artist, being invited to represent a top notch Chinese sports brand is seen as an indicator of his or her popularity. With the entire nation into sports, Chinese sports brands and top-tier spokespersons the same choose who they wish to partner with for the best outcomes to either side. 

This time, together with announcing the new brand ambassador, Xtep is also launching the brand new "HALF-SUGAR" women sportswear collection, a new attempt in sports fashion by Xtep. Sports aesthetics and genes of the time are the two beacons in this Xtep’s latest exploration of how sports fashion evolves, how sportswear fit in with different settings and scenarios, showing an individual's unique personality. 

By appointing Dilraba as its spokesperson, Xtep, as a renowned Chinese brand, has given the sporting nation a tinge of female strength, gentle yet steadfast, as well as, sportsmanship, vigorous and enterprising, giving a guidepost to young people of the era.